This August 2017 press release highlights findings from the CFE Fund‘s three-year evaluation of the Financial Empowerment Center model. The evaluation draws on data from 22,000 clients and 57,000 counseling sessions across the first 5 city replication partners and shows that financial counseling worked as a public program in a variety of city contexts. City partners were Denver, CO; Lansing, MI; Nashville, TN; Philadelphia, PA; and San Antonio, TX. View or listen to the CFE Fund’s presentation highlighting key findings and lessons learned from the evaluation.

Across a range of city government contexts, financial counseling as a free public service worked.

The CFE Fund also announced new funding opportunities for local governments looking to replicate local FEC programs, in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and others. Finally, the CFE Fund launched a series of 15 minute briefings on the FEC evaluation.