Sabrina, a Nashville Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) counselor since 2013, said peoples’ finances, touch everything we deal with, food, housing…so just having [financial counseling services] available for everybody, for free, makes it probably the best service ever.”

Sabrina can testify to the power of this work. She has built powerful relationships with her clients; for example, she is still in touch with one client from her first year in 2013, who came to the FEC as a mother living in public housing and left with a home of her own. “Long story short, we got her credit up to par, settled some debt – even settled a major debt,” Sabrina explained. “Now, she just sold her first home,” and is looking for a new place to live.

“Through our one-on-one counseling, I’m so proud that I helped her buy a home, turn it around, and eventually obtain a profit, enabling her to move to her to her ideal situation in her ideal neighborhood.”

“That is the best story,” Sabrina said, and that’s because it doesn’t end there. She explained, “we are still in contact and every single financial change and move she makes, she lets me know because she’s super proud.” This client sees achieving financial outcomes as a source of pride, and her relationship with Sabrina has helped her move forward from the first session, to years later.