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The CFE Fund is providing multiple avenues of grant support, technical assistance, and a vibrant national learning community to grow this movement in up to 50 cities and counties. Apply now to bring the Financial Empowerment Center model to your local government!

Learn more about the movement in this Next City article.

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Our Impact


residents across the country have received FEC services


counseling sessions across all FEC partners


in debt reduced among FEC clients


in savings built by FEC clients

"Everything changed when I got into communication with the Financial Empowerment Center. I now have my financial future back.”AlanNashville FEC Client
"In just over a month, my credit score went from 633 to 739. I can't begin to tell you all the ways my life has changed because of that help and this program.”DavidSan Antonio FEC Client
“Before the program, I didn’t know how I was going to improve my financial situation. Now, I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders; I also feel a great sense of relief.”MarilynNashville FEC Client
“When my clients reach their pinnacle —purchasing a home, establishing a savings account, or building their credit — it’s rewarding.”KathyNashville FEC Counselor
“I can already see my way out of the tunnel. If I continue to work hard, not only will I get out, I’ll also become empowered to accomplish goals that were dreams in the past.” EmilioNashville FEC Client
“I take credit way more seriously now; I’m more committed to finding a way to manage my money effectively, instead of living above my means.”MarshaDenver FEC client

Where We Work

The CFE Fund is bringing the Financial Empowerment Center initiative to waves of local governments across the map.

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