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A Much Closer Look: Enhancing Savings Counseling at Financial Empowerment Centers

New data report on research on savings outcomes at Financial Empowerment Centers

Adrienne, Nashville FEC Client

The Nashville Financial Empowerment Center helped Adrienne improve her credit and buy a home.

CFE Fund to Expand Free Financial Counseling to 50 Cities

Through FEC Public, the CFE Fund and Bloomberg Philanthropies announces the first 12 of as many as 50 local governments to replicate this proven municipal financial counseling model.

An Evaluation of Financial Empowerment Centers: The FEC Counseling Model

This brief summarizes findings about the FEC counseling process in the five FEC replication cities and details the relationships between FEC counselors and clients, as well as other critical aspects of the model, such as the hiring process and counselor training.

David, San Antonio FEC Client

"In just over a month, my credit score went from 633 to 739. I can't begin to tell you all the ways my life has changed because of that help and this program. It has been life altering and I am forever grateful.”

An Evaluation of Financial Empowerment Centers: Banking Status

This brief highlights how banking status mattered for FEC clients’ success. It also details unbanked clients, what they achieved during counseling, banking outcomes for all FEC clients, and why products matter for programs seeking to improve banking access.

Where We Work

The CFE Fund is bringing the Financial Empowerment Center initiative to waves of local governments across the map.

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