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New Report: Boosting Sustainable Homeownership in Detroit

Read our new report on how Detroit's FEC connected with local property tax relief programs.

Boosting Sustainable Homeownership in Detroit: Adding Financial Counseling to Property Tax Relief Programs to Help Stabilize Low-Income Homeowners

With generous support from the Wells Fargo Foundation, this report examines how Detroit’s publicly-led financial counseling program supports low-income homeowners with property tax challenges.

Connecting Financial Capability and Small Business Supports: Findings from the Small Business Boost Pilot

Boosting Sustainable Homeownership In Detroit: Adding Financial Counseling to Tax Relief Programs

With generous support from the Wells Fargo Foundation, the CFE Fund is partnering with the City of Detroit to study the benefits of the connection of Detroit’s property tax relief programs to FEC financial counseling.

Angela, Polk County FEC Client

The Polk County FEC helped Angela rebuild a stronger financial foundation, improve her credit score, and move away from using payday loans.

Geraldine, Hawaii County FEC client

The Hawaii County FEC helped Geraldine manage her finances and plan for her family’s future.

Where We Work

The CFE Fund is bringing the Financial Empowerment Center initiative to waves of local governments across the map.

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