Financial Empowerment Centers offer professional, one-on-one financial counseling as a free city or county service. Financial counselors are highly trained professionals who will work with you to identify goals and create a customized action plan to build your finances. Counselors can work with you on managing your money, creating a budget, paying down debt, increasing savings, establishing and building credit, and opening a safe and affordable bank or credit union account. You can meet with your financial counselor as many times as you’d like; counseling is available at no cost and confidential, regardless of income or immigration status.

FEC counselors can work with you to:

  • Budget: Counselors can help you build a realistic budget to achieve your goals, such as building emergency savings, planning for a new apartment, or buying a car.
  • Improve your credit: Counselors can pull your credit report for free and file disputes for you to improve your score.
  • Pay off your debt: Counselors can work with you to create a plan to pay down your debt and resolve any delinquent accounts.
  • Manage student loans: Counselors can review your loans and help find repayment and refinancing options that make sense for your individual situation.
  • Plan for college: Counselors can provide guidance on safe and affordable options to pay for college, including budgeting, savings, and student loans.
  • Navigate bankruptcy: Counselors can help you understand the bankruptcy process, what to expect, and how it might impact your financial situation.
  • Purchase a home: Counselors can help you set up personalized goals that will bring you one step closer to becoming a homeowner, including improving your credit and paying off debt to get an affordable mortgage, and building your savings to cover costs and fees.
  • Plan for retirement: Counselors can help you to understand common retirement vehicles and how to find a financial planner to learn more about investments.

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The Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund oversees the national FEC Public movement, which works to scale Financial Empowerment Centers as a public service across the country.