Alan was living in his car, suffering from the financial stress of student loans and credit card debt. “I was a mess with my finances. I never thought I could get out it.”

When he was referred to the Financial Empowerment Center, Alan was relieved to find resources that could help.

“I couldn’t believe that I could have access to financial counseling at no cost."

Alan was grateful that his financial counselor was so helpful and compassionate in helping him make a plan to pay off his debts. “It was an emotional first session,” he said.

In just one year of working with a counselor at the Financial Empowerment Center, Alan increased his credit score by 100 points, to a score that allowed him to refinance his house, which has lowered his monthly payments by nearly $400.

Alan admits that he felt ashamed about his financial struggles and did not know where to turn for help, but he’s glad he found the FEC.  “Everything changed when I got into communication with the Financial Empowerment Center. I now have my financial future back.”

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