Carol sought counseling from the Denver Financial Empowerment Center to get advice on understanding her credit score“I came to FEC to find out the best way or a good way to build my credit. I started out not knowing what credit was, what it was used for, and how it could affect me and my future plans.” 
However, after a few sessions with her counselor, Carol learned how to check her credit score, and even raised her score by 20 pointsShe also achieved several of her financial goals under the guidance of her counselor: “I have created and maintained a savings account. I have also obtained a non-secured small loan. I have paid off most of my debt. I have paid off and kept the balance down on my credit card, and I have also paid off and kept down my overdraft account.” 
Carol plans to continue working with her FEC counselor after achieving her short-term financial goals and learning about the financial system.

“We have been working hard on getting my short-term goals, goals achievable in six months or less, listed and or done. We have just recently started talking more about one of my long-term goals which is to purchase my first home. I have complete faith that I will be able to get a home with the help and encouragement that I get working with Yannek (my counselor) and the Denver FEC.”

She highly recommendthe FEC as a resource for those trying to improve their finances and reach their long-term goals.