Geraldine sought counseling from the Hawaii Financial Empowerment Center because she was struggling to manage a tight budget and take care of her two kids as a single mom. I had fallen into financial difficulty and was trying to get control of my life. I was a single mom with two young children. Money was tight. I knew I needed help managing my finances, so I turned to the FEC.”

After just a few sessions with her counselor, Geraldine was able to manage all her major financial challenges and learn new financial habits. “I was able to settle all of my debts, keep up with my current bills, put away and save a little at a time, and just be smarter about my money. I am so grateful.” With personalized guidance from her counselor, Geraldine was able to take control of her finances.  

Geraldine plans to continue working with her FEC counselor after the success she has had. She hopes to buy a home one day, and is saving up to buy her dream home for her and her two sons. “I have the specific goal of homeownership. I’m slowly getting to that goal. I’m waiting until the right opportunity comes. I’m very excited.”  

She shared that the FEC is a resource for those trying to improve their finances and reach their long-term financial goals. “FEC made it possible for me to re-evaluate my spending and distinguish between what is a need vs. want.”

"Having my counselor kept me focused. She is a true friend and is great to talk to. I highly recommend FEC to anyone who needs help with their finances!"