Marilyn was born in 1942. She grew up in a time where people did not discuss budgets very often.  “I saw an advertisement for the Nashville Financial Empowerment Center on television one day,” said Givens. “I admitted to myself that I needed financial help; I called and made an appointment.”

A professional financial counselor worked with Marilyn to develop a budget plan that also helped her build a savings account.

“When I arrived for my first session and met my counselor, I had a good feeling about the program. My counselor was very knowledgeable about financial matters and wanted to get started on a plan right away,” stated Marilyn.

“My overall goal was to live within my income and eliminate my debt...I am now contributing $100 every month to my savings account.”

Marilyn says her entire financial outlook has changed since she began attending the free counseling sessions at the Nashville Financial Empowerment Center.

“Before the program, I didn’t know how I was going to improve my financial situation. Now, I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders; I also feel a great sense of relief.”

Marilyn continues to work with her financial counselor and work toward her overall goal of eliminating all of her debt.