For Sara, being a financial counselor at the Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) in Greenville County, SC, is more than just a job. “It’s me living out my passion and me living out my purpose.”

“I’m able to provide residents in our city a non-judgmental way to take a step towards changing [their] financial struggles,” she said, and this resource is even more beneficial since it’s free and delivered by trained professionals.

Through accessing counseling, Sara’s clients take on their financial challenges and achieve their goals. “When that happens, it’s like the whole room flourishes… the clients’ faces light up and everyone just gets really excited.” Sara said that any positive outcome feels like a great accomplishment, “whether it’s a small step or a big goal like home ownership.”

Furthermore, each individual client “win,” in turn, helps more and more clients see the positive possibilities.

“A client’s win can mean something for another client that may have doubt or concern that they don’t think it’s possible,” Sara added, noting how impactful these clients’ testimonials can be in helping fellow clients at the FEC.

Sara advises that everybody give the financial counseling centers a try. “Do it, don’t wait, start it now and get access to your own financial counselor. It’s out there! Allow yourself to be surprised, because it works.”