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Carol, Denver FEC Client

The Denver FEC helped Carol learn about the financial system and develop short- and long-term financial goals.

CFE Fund Announces New $19M Commitment from Bloomberg Philanthropies

The CFE Fund announced its latest partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies that will greatly expand local government-led financial stability efforts across the country over the next three years.

FEC Academy

Enroll in FEC Academy now and unlock technical assistance and planning resources.

Billie, Polk County FEC Client

The Polk County FEC provided Billie valuable ongoing small business support

Richard and Velma, Shreveport FEC Clients

The Shreveport FEC helped Richard and Velma pay down credit card debt and improve their credit scores by 200 points.

Five New Cities Chosen to Develop Free Financial Counseling

Five new partners to join 30 other local governments offering one-on-one professional financial counseling

Where We Work

The CFE Fund is bringing the Financial Empowerment Center initiative to waves of local governments across the map.

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