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Communicating with the Unbanked: Making the Case for Banking Access

This brief draws on findings from recent CFE Fund focus group and survey research on how to communicate the value of banking accounts to unbanked people, which are especially important during this crisis moment.

Felicia, Akron FEC Client

Akron FEC client raised her credit score and is working towards future financial goals.

Amy and Harry, Akron FEC Clients

Akron FEC clients went from relying on payday loans to saving for a home.

Leonte, Akron FEC Client

With help from the Akron FEC, Leonte opened a savings account and began saving for emergencies.

Deborah, San Antonio FEC Counselor

“I always tell people, ‘It’s a hard thing to even decide to come to financial counseling, coming here was a huge first step in the right direction.’”

Don, Akron FEC Counselor

Don, an Akron FEC Counselor, helps his clients set goals and supports them along the way toward achieving those goals.

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