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Don, Akron FEC Counselor

Don, an Akron FEC Counselor, helps his clients set goals and supports them along the way toward achieving those goals.

Yannek, Denver FEC Counselor

Regardless of their starting points, Yannek sees clients make improvements, sometimes as soon as their first counseling session.

Pat, San Antonio FEC Counselor

Pat helps San Antonio FEC clients accomplish financial goals, such as financing a house, one step at a time.

Sara, Greenville FEC Counselor

As a FEC Counselor, Sara provides city residents a non-judgmental way to take a step towards positively changing their financial circumstances.

Sonia, Lansing FEC Counselor

A FEC Counselor for over six years, Sonia is proud to celebrate her clients when they reach their financial goals.

Sabrina, Nashville FEC Counselor

Sabrina has been a Nashville FEC Counselor since 2013.

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